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Episode 6: Christine Moseley, CEO, Full Harvest

Christine’s story epitomizes why I started this podcast.  As the CEO of Full Harvest, she’s looking to dramatically reduce food waste.  We chat a lot about mindset and building a meaningful career.  She also shares the “rocking chair test” and how it pushed her to dive even deeper to risk it all. If you’re in a job right now that is just kind of meh, give this one a good listen.  I guarantee that you’ll find meaning.  If not, I’ll give you a full refund;)

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Episode 5: Curtis Smith, CFO, InfusionSoft

Good guys CAN and DO finish first.  Curtis is living proof of this.  

For someone so accomplished, his humility, mindset and values are so incredibly refreshing.  Curtis shares his unexpected upbringing, his partnership with his kick ass wife Jamie, his joys of being a dad, his path to CFO, and some amazing leadership advice.  I’d want Curtis on my team! 

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Episode 4: Pratima Arora, GM, Atlassian and Abhinav Mittal, CTO, Highwire Press

This is my first power couple interview and I chat with my friends, Pratima and Abhinav.  It certainly has not always been easy for them, but their partnership is what makes it work.  They share a lot with us, including tips on how they juggle two big careers, two young kids, and two people very much in love with each other, all under one roof.  They keep in real.  Amen.


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Episode 2: Lynsey Wenger, CFO, Calysta

When Lynsey makes a decision to do something, she commits.  There is no half assing.  Lynsey shares with us the twists and turns that got her to Goldman Sachs, the many career changes that she made within her 15 years at the firm, and her eventual rise to become the CFO of Calysta (venture backed startup headquartered in Menlo Park that’s developing high nutrition products primarily for the aquaculture industry).  The podcasts ends with Lynsey sharing her challenges with balancing a high powered career and a personal life.

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Episode 1: Kat Utecht, Managing Partner, Core Innovation Capital

Kat takes us through her childhood, what is was like to grow up with “Dharma and Greg” parents, her values, and her approach to identifying the best companies and entrepreneurs.  As a Managing Partner of Core Innovation Capital, her goal for the firm is get a look at every single early stage fin tech deal and to never miss an opportunity, so much that if they do, they have a Wall of Shame.  They are investing out of their 2nd fund ($100M), with notable investments including Mosaic, Ripple, NerdWallet, and CoverHound.  Their first fund is on track to becoming one of the top performing funds of 2011.

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